MikroTik Router VPS


Full access.

No setup fee.

MikroTik P1 CHR license is included.

Latest version of MikroTik Router OS.

Optional: VPN server configuration (PPTP & L2TP) is available for $5 one time fee.

You can choose between these locations to order online: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, India and Singapore.

Please contact us if you need MikroTik Router VPS from Chile, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Finland, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Israel and Hong Kong.

Do you need any customization or router from a country not listed above? Please contact us.

MikroTik Router VPS
MikroTik Virtual Router

$19 Per Month

Run Your Own VPN Server

1 Virtual CPU

1024 MB Memory

25 GB SSD Disk

Dedicated IP Address

P1 License

1 Gbps Internet Port

Unlimited Bandwidth