Changes To Shared IP VPN Plan

Dear Customers,Since we are using high speed Internet ports on the servers, we have decided to keep one server in each location in our Shared IP VPN plan. Multiple servers were available for US and UK locations and we have removed them.No action is required!We have diverted the removed servers addresses to the main server in each location. So you ... Read More »

29th Sep 2021
BBC iPlayer & ITV VPN

Dear Customers,


Since we have received many requests to provide Dedicated IP addresses that work with BBC iPlayer & ITV, we have decided to provide a separate service for this purpose. You can check more details in the "Pricing" section of our website.


Best Regards, Team

24th Aug 2021
DD-WRT Server

Dear Customers,After disabling PPTP in Shared IP Network on 24th August 2019 we have received many reports regarding connection issue with DD-WRT routers. So we have decided to setup a special server for this purpose.Server Address (UK): W700.CIENEN.NETAll server addresses: PPTP is not completely secure. Only ... Read More »

10th Sep 2019
PPTP Replaced By OpenVPN

Dear Shared VPN Customers,As we have informed you earlier, today we have completely removed PPTP in our Shared IP Network servers and replaced it with OpenVPN.If you are using L2TP then no action is required by you.If you are still using PPTP, you can not connect anymore and you need to switch to L2TP or OpenVPN as soon as possible.To use L2TP or ... Read More »

24th Aug 2019
Switching From PPTP To OpenVPN

Dear Shared VPN Customers,We have to replace PPTP with OpenVPN.Benefits: PPTP protocol is not secure anymore, so you will have access to OpenVPN that is extremely fast and secure. The speed and quality of L2TP will increase because we are able to use a more advanced technology by disabling PPTP protocol. PPTP will be available for one more ... Read More »

17th Aug 2019
Run Your Own VPN Server

Easily run your own VPN server with our MikroTik Router service for just $19 per month. VPN server configuration is available for just $5 one time fee.

23rd Oct 2017
More Payment Options

You can now pay with Epay, OnlineNaira and over 30 Cryptocurrencies in our website.

Thank you very much for choosing

10th Aug 2017
New MikroTik Routers Locations & P1 License

We have made the following updates to our MikroTik Router VPS services:1. Setup fee removed.2. MikroTik P1 licenses are now available to provide you the best services possible and we no longer offer new level 4 licences.3. Routers are now available in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, India and ... Read More »

30th Apr 2017
Great updates & 7 new servers

We have an exciting news for you. During the past few days we have upgraded most of our servers in "Shared IP Network" and they are now almost 10 times faster. Yes, that's correct 10 TIMES faster and no bandwidth limitation like before.As you know we have 2 Netherlands servers and 12 UK servers in "Shared IP Network". We needed these many servers ... Read More »

29th Apr 2017
Selling Prepaid MasterCards And Much More...

We have launched an online store to enable you buy online privacy and security products simple and fast and completely anonymous.We do not even ask your name. Available Products:Virtual MasterCards that works with any name and address.Apple iTunes Gift CardsGoogle Play Gift CardsOne week VPN accounts from $2.49Accepted Payment Methods: Bitcoin ... Read More »

16th Feb 2017